The GroupShot Application

There are a variety of photo editing programs available on the market. These are other than the two main applications which are Photoshop and Gimp. Now thanks to the Apple App store and the Android Market, these additional photo editing programs are found in these places.
Some of these apps do some really wild things and offer some crazy effect. There were some apps that let you make people look fat, old or bald. There were apps that let you use face detection technology. These apps allowed you to for example do some blending of various facial features. A lot of these have not been available on the mobile devices. There is however a brand new app called GroupShot.
GroupShot allows photos to be fused together in order to get rid of imperfections in your photo albums. You can pick multiple photos from a variety of sources and touch the problem area and the app will replace the bad smile or imperfection with a greater more photogenic version that will come from the collection that you initially picked.
So actually you can take the bad photo and turn in into the perfect group picture. This app only costs you .99. This is really one of the best apps out there for touching up your photos. So if you want to perfect your photos, then this is the app that you must get.
The company itself has great financial support. For the user this is great because you can purchase this app with a good feeling that the company won’t be going under anytime soon. Their future plans are to launch more apps related to the photo industry. With GroupShot out there it will be interesting to see what else they will be coming up with in the next several months.






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