Greta Thunberg deletes her tweet made in support of causing unrest in India

The climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who has Aspergers, a mental disorder, has been exposed after tweeting not only in support of farmer protests but also sharing a manual on how to cause chaos and civil disorder in the country.

Thunberg later deleted the tweet probably because it didn’t go that well for her.

Recent farmer protests have been largely carried out by people from only a couple of states. These protests are largely believed to have been initiated by middlemen who are likely to lose most money since the introduction of a reformed farmer bill that will provide freedom to farmers for selling their agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, anywhere they want without paying a hefty fee to a middleman.

After Greta Thunberg made the tweet, a large number of Twitter users went ahead to highlight and reply to it.

One of the response included:

Another tweet noted that: 

“And here’s the giveaway.  ‘Environment Activist’  tweets the ‘Anti India Tool Kit’ that details January 26th plot. It was pre-planned, it was coordinated, it was with the help of global anti India forces. This is a mammoth global conspiracy against India. #IndiaAgainstPropaganda”

I would like to know why Greta Thunberg resorted to deletion if the Tweet was all well and good? For sure we can say now that there is a huge conspiracy behind these so-called farmer protests that have to do nothing with the farmer bill but the ruling government of the country. 



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