Google Translate Has Been Updated

If you are one that uses Google Translate a lot, you will be pleased to know that the application has been updated so that it is now recognized as a universal application for iPhone and the iPad. Now you may be wondering what this Google Translate does. It is an application that will translate your spoken words, phrases and sentences into other languages. The translation can be accomplished between over 60 different languages.  
Let’s see what else that this application will accomplish. The translation occurs by speaking what you want to say rather than typing it. You can turn around and listen to what has been translated. This will help you as you improve your language translation skills. After the translations have been completed, you can display the translations. This will come in handy if you are trying to teach a small group of people. They will be able to view what has been translated on the screen. If you want to keep your best translations, you can star them as favorites and the easily and quickly access them. The best thing about it that you can access them even if you are not online. If you want to keep track of your translation history, you can do that also. Just like the translation favorites, you can access them if you are not online. The final feature that we will discuss is what the software will do with languages such as Chinese and Japanese. It will spell the translations out in Latin characters and make it so that it can be read phonetically.
Remember if you think that you might want to get this application that it is free for those of you who are iPhone or iPad users. So again if languages are your specialty, try the updated Google Translate.






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