Get Snapseed While it is Free

Each year Apple names the iPad application of the year and this year it is the Snapseed application. This application has been created by Nik software and is an application that will allow you to edit your photos on the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad. This app allows you to automatically correct a photo with one touch. You can also crop, straighten and rotate your image. Additionally you can use Tune Image which gives you a variety of settings to make your photograph look exactly as you wish it would. If you would like to do more fine-tuning, you can apply a variety of filters from Instagram to personalize your images. With the popularity of social media, once you are done with your editing, you can share your images with your friends by email, Facebook, Flickr or Twitter. You can also print these finished images using AirPrint.
This application works well on the iPad 2 on the iOS 5.0.1 and offers some great features to apply to your photos. You’ll find that it is fairly easy to use and if you are one used to doing a lot of photo editing, it will be an application that you can quickly start using. This is an application that comes from a leader in digital photo software.
In conclusion, if you are looking for an image editing software program to use on your Apple device, you must take a look at this application. With the ease of use capability along with the variety of features and filters that you can use, you can churn out some awesome looking photos to send to your friends and family. So look no further, jump on this opportunity now, especially considering the fact that it is currently free. There is no guarantee how long this will be available, so get it now before they start to charge for the application.






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