Funny Google Tricks

Google is master Piece. We all visit Google thousands of time in a day for search queries. Today I’m going to share some funny Google tricks I’ve found around the web. LOL

Google Gravity
  • Go to
  • Type Google Gravity
  • Click on I’m feeling Lucky

Now the Google icons will fall down automatically.You can even pickup and throw google icon anywhere you want

Epic Google
In Epic Google, you will see the font size of Google increasing as they will come out of the screen.

  • Go to
  • Type Epic Google
  • Click on I’m feeling Lucky

Google Hacker
This will show you how the google homepage will look like if it gets hacked

  • Go to
  • Type Google Hacker
  • Click on I’m feeling Lucky

Annoying Google
In this, Google will auto capitalize your search letters

  • Go to
  • Type Annoying Google
  • Click on I’m feeling Lucky






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