Find missing album art with Album Art Grabber on your Android Device

Many of us use our Android device be it a phone or tablet as a portable media player. Most players on Android use the familiar template of the album art featured prominently in the center, controls on the bottom and info at the top. The problem is that many of us who have music collections with songs that aren’t form ITunes, Amazon MP3 or the like don’t have our music ID3 tags filled so all we see is a large generic icon in place of album art. Well thanks to the free Album Art Grabber app that can be a thing of the past.

How Does It Work
Album Art Grabber is a free app available in the Android market that uses scattered data contained in your mp3 file to find album art. You just do a search for it in the Android market, install and run the app. The interface is incredibly simple to figure out. There is a list of every album in your music library including album art if its available and grey icon if not. Below the list is a button that says “Get Art!” pressing this runs the automatic scan and search. The scan and search can take a few moments depending on the size of your library. After every file is scanned exact match are automatically matched up with Art. Files with out an exact match will continue to have a grey icon. Most of your music files will now have album art but in case a few don’t click the icon and select either lastfm or musicbrainz. A list with albums by the artist will then be populated and you can select the appropriate one yourself. That’s all there is to it, your music collection should now include album art.

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