Facebook in 20 minutes

Facebook was the most visited site in United States in 2010. Another recent report in 2011 showed some stats that what happens on Facebook in every 20 minutes. Lets see it in details
Report resulted that n average, one million links are shared, over 1.30 million photos are tagged, more than 1.45 million event invitations are sent , almost 1.60  million wall posts, over 1.87 million status updates, more than 1.95 million friend requests sent out, over 2.74 million photos uploaded, and more than 4.61 million messages sent. All this happens in just 20 minutes! 

The report also showed that fan page of Lady Gaga has the most likes, Eminem second, and Megan Fox third. More report about celebrities included

Lady Gaga
24,712,169 people like this
23,729,700 people like this
Megan Fox
19,575,080 people like this
Vin Diesel
19,425,325 people like this
18,903,844 people like this
Barack Obama
17,229,885 people like this
Bob Marley
17,168,034 people like this
Lil Wayne
17,004,850 people like this
Justin Bieber
16,779,874 people like this
16,520,790 people like this






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