Effective Ways of Improving Longevity of Your Iphone Battery

The latest models of iPhone handsets come with very advanced features that make their usability more effective. However, these features are quite fragile and can easily render the whole handset ineffective. For instance, the iPhone battery plays a major role in keeping the phone on the go. But since most iPhone features require extra power to function the iPhone’s battery life tends to be a bit short. This means that you will be forced to keep recharging it time and again. The problem with recharging your phone’s battery every now and is that it shortens its lifespan. It is thus important to find ways of improving the life of your iPhone’s battery so that it can remain more effective.

There are several techniques and procedures that you can use to prolong the life of your iPhone’s battery. These techniques are important in helping you save up the juice of your iPhone handset to a large extent. If you are able to extend you iPhone’s battery life, then you won’t have to keep recharging it regularly, and that means that you will be able to save on the cost of replacing the battery. It is so disappointing to have an ineffective battery since the phone will always die in the middle of an important conversation. The following are some of the ways in which you can extend the life of your iPhone’s battery.
Tips on Giving Your Iphone Battery Longer Life

* Always Keep Your Battery Cool

High temperatures tend to shrink the level of your battery juice. This in turn exhausts the battery after a very short time. To ensure that your battery remains effective for longer hours you must keep it comparatively cool. The biggest mistake you can ever do is to expose your iPhone’s battery to direct sunlight. Always make sure that your phone is kept in a relatively cool place. In fact, Apple argues that the most ideal temperature for an iPhone battery is around 22 C.

* Reduce the Brightness of Your Phone’s Display

One thing you ought to know is that iPhone’s display screen consumes a lot of energy especially when it is too bright. So by reducing the brightness of your screen you will be able to save huge amounts of energy in your iPhone’s battery. But if reducing the brightness of your display is against your preferences then you can always select the automatic brightness option. This enables you to get the suitable brightness according to the surroundings.

* Keep the Apps Closed When You Don’t Need Them

It is true that iPhone handsets come with some of the best applications in the phone industry. However, these apps tend to consume a lot of energy when they are active. Therefore, if you really want to prolong your battery life then you have to close these apps whenever you do not need them. So immediately you are done with a particular application, make sure to close. You can also turn of your iPhone’s vibrating mode if you do not need it. A lot of energy is required to vibrate, which makes the battery to lose power too quickly.






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