Download Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7

Rovio (Developer of Angry Birds) announced today that all-time addictive and a massive iPhone hit game is now available to download for Windows Phone 7. Angry Birds was supposed to come on Windows Phone 7 back in  February 2011 but it was delayed due to the legal issue between Microsoft and Rovio as Microsoft had published Angry Birds icon on its website without Rovio’s permission.
Back in May 2011, iPhone 4 and Angry Birds were awarded Guinness World record as the iPhone 4 being named the fastest-selling portable gaming system and Angry Birds was named as the top paid app in most of the countries. Since it’s release in December 2009, Angry Birds was download 6.5 million times from the App store and till now, it has been downloaded 250 million times, not only from the App store but from all other places like Android Market and Chrome Web Store. And now Windows Phone 7 users can download Angry Birds from Windows Phone Marketplace for $2.99.






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