dotEPUB Your Way to Web Content

One thing that the Internet and technology have brought to the generations of this time period is a sense of information overload. I can spend hours upon hours of doing nothing but viewing different web pages and never finish the job. It would be nice if there was a way to put a lot of these webpages into some sort of book or eBook format. There are some applications that allow the user to take content from various websites and make it so that you can read it later. An example of this is Instapaper.

It would be nice with the onset of the variety of e-readers and tablet computers to be able to take this web content and make it so that you could read it on your iPad or your Kindle or maybe even your Nook. Well, there is now a way to do this. Google Chrome comes to the rescue with an extension called dotEPUB. It takes web pages and turns them into usable EPUB eBooks. This allows you to take this web content information and viewing on just about any device that can open an EPUB.

This extension, provided free through Chrome, will create an EPUB for you minus all of the images, ads and links as long as you select the immersive mode. If you use the standard mode, some of the images may not appear in the EPUB, some may.

Again, there are some other avenues that you may go down, such as Instapaper, Flipboard if you have an iPhone or iPad or Currents from Google if you have a handheld device, but it is worth taking a look at the dotEPUB to see if that will meet your needs. So whatever tablet or handheld device that you have, feel free to download this free extension.






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