Donald Trump reevaluating lawsuit after Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover

Former US President Donald Trump is reevaluating his lawsuit against Twitter following Elon Musk’s proposed $44 billion takeover of the online platform from where Trump remains banned.

Lawyers for Trump say that they will discuss the issue with Musk once he has gained full control of Twitter.

“When all of that happens, we expect to sit down with him (Musk) and talk about the case, see what we can work out,” Trump’s lawyer John P Coale said.

Trump was permanently banned from Twitter following the 6 January incident where his supporters stormed the US Capitol, and also for denying Joe Biden’s election victory.

After this ban, he was similarly banned by Facebook and Google’s YouTube.

Trump then sued all three tech giants.

In the lawsuit, Trump also called for Section 230 to be ruled unconstitutional.






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