Disappointments of iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is Apple’s first launch under the new CEO Tim Cook. He recorded a three day sales tally that the sale of iPhone was double that of its predecessor iPhone 4S.

iPhone missed many features that topped the wish of Apple users these were as follow:
First thing is the shape and the look of iPhone. iPhone 4S just fail to excite the users of Apple because they required a different devise not identical to the previous iPhones . It was a rumor that the new iPhone 4S will support the Near Field Communication (NFC) it allows the mobile user to use their handset as their digital wallete. As this technology is being used in Black Berry and Samsung.
Another missed feature of iPhone 4S was Intel’s thunder bolt technology which is making its way towards the MacProLaptops. An 8 megapixal camera of IPhone4S is good but it was not exceptional or groundbreaking thing for mobile users. As it is being used by other companies also.
Just like the predecessors of iPhone it also missed the HDMI port which is being used to connect to the HDTV at same time. As Apple announced a term that is Twitter integration,there was no as such word of Facebook integration that must be there. Cost is the last thing that created a effect in Indian market is was most costlier where other smartaphones were avalible in less price.







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