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  • How to check Google backlinks of a website or a blog

    Google backlinks are very important in determining the website’s or blog’s popularity and  page rank. Today I will teach you how to check if your site or blog has Google Backlinks. Just follow these simple steps Go to In the search bar, type  Replace yourwebsite  with the your site’s or blog’s domain and […]

  • How to check your site’s or Blog’s indexed pages and bakclinks in yahoo

    Besides Google, Yahoo is also important factor in spicing up your blog’s or website’s ranking. You should submit your site to yahoo so that your pages get indexed by Yahoo search Engine too.  This tutorial will show you how to  check you indexed pages of your website in yahoo Go to In the appeared search bar type […]

  • How to check a link whether it is dofollow or nofollow

    Dofollow links are the major factors you should consider if you want to rank higher in search engines, especially in Google. So how we get to know whether the link is a dofollow link or no follow link? Let’s see Note: You will need Google Chrome to check the links. If you don’t have Google […]

  • Get a DoFollow link from YouTube

    We all know that YouTube is one of the best Video sharing site around the world and YouTube is Page rank 9. As we all know that dofollow backlinks are necessary for your website to be ranked higher in Google. You can get a Dofollow backlink from YouTube. Though all the links you provide on your videos description  etc […]

  • What is DoFollow and NoFollow?

    What is DoFollow and Nofollow? well, you must have came across these two words in the world of Search engine Optimization like Dofollow article directories, Dofollow forums etc. Most of the blog and site owners know the difference between these two. But if you are newbie to the SEO world, lets see what is dofollow and what […]

  • How many pages of your website are indexed in Google?

    So you want to know that how many pages of your site are indexed on Google thats why you’r here. To know how many of your web pages are indexed, simple go to In the appeared search bar type Replace yourwebsite with yours and you will see how many pages of your site has been indexed […]