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  • Mahatma Gandhi statue in Washington vandalized during George Floyd riots

    Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Washington D.C. has been covered for now, after it was vandalized. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi located outside the Indian embassy situated in Washington D.C. was vandalized by a group of people involved in the protests and riots following the death of George Floyd. The statue was reportedly spray painted with […]

  • Virginia governor to announce removal of Robert E. Lee statue

    A view from Tuesday, where General Robert E. Lee’s statue in Richmond was surrounded by the protesters. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is expected to announce plans Thursday to eliminate one of the country’s most iconic monuments to the Confederacy, a statue of General Robert E. Lee along Richmond’s major Monument Avenue, a senior administration official […]

  • Woman Says Officer Put Knee On Her Neck Outside Brickyard Mall

    Police outside Brickyard Mall A swarm of police officers drew their batons and beat down the windows as they took two women out of their vehicle outside the Brickyard Mall. It was all recorded on camera. The incident took place on Sunday, right in the height of looting amid unrest in Chicago. A family pulled […]

  • Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s statue toppled in Montgomery

    Robert E. Lee statue in Montgomery. A statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee (1807 – 1870) was knocked off it’s base in Montgomery, Alabama and a statue of a Confederate soldier in Mobile was affected with vandalism, both around the same time Birmingham city crews were removing a Confederate monument downtown during Monday night. Four […]

  • Statue of King Louis XVI, the man who helped American revolutionaries, has been vandalized by rioters

    King Louis XVI was the monarch of France who helped American revolutionaries the most to free themselves from the rule of Great Britain. The incident occurred in Louisville, itself named after the king. The statue itself had been gifted to Louisville by the French city of Montpellier about 60 years ago. The tweet above shows […]