Russian Defence Ministry

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry on 13 March

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry:

▪️The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during the offensive took control over Pavlovka, Nikolskoye, Blagodatnoye Vodianovka and Vladimirovka. The advance was 9 kilometers.

▪️The grouping of troops of the Lugansk People’s Republic, continuing offensive operation, liberated Popasnaya city from the nationalists.

▪️On the morning of March 13, a high-precision long-range weapon struck the training centres of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Starichi and at Yavorovsky training ground.

On the basis of these centres, the Kiev regime deployed: a training and combat coordination point for foreign mercenaries before being sent to combat areas against Russian military personnel, as well as a storage base for weapons and military equipment coming from foreign countries.

As a result of the strike, up to 180 foreign mercenaries and a large batch of foreign weapons were destroyed.
The destruction of foreign mercenaries who have arrived on the territory of Ukraine will continue.

▪️💥On the afternoon of March 13, aviation and air defence of the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down in the air: 1 Su-24 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force near Novy Bykiv settlement, as well as 11 unmanned aerial vehicles, including 2 Bayraktar TB-2.

✈️💥Operational-tactical, army and unmanned aviation hit 46 military infrastructure assets of Ukraine, including: 3 command posts, 1 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3 MLRS, 1 electronic warfare station, 2 ammunition and fuel depots and 33 areas of military equipment concentration.

💥In total, during the operation, 3,736 objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine were disabled. Destroyed: 100 aircraft, 139 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,234 tanks, and other armored combat vehicles, 122 multiple launch rocket systems, 452 field artillery guns and mortars, 1,013 units of special military vehicles.






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