Russian Defence Ministry

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry on 7 August

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation in Ukraine.

As a result of the Russian Aerospace Forces’ strike on a temporary deployment point of units of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade of AFU at an agricultural enterprise in Artemovsk, Donetsk People’s Republic, up to 130 servicemen and 8 units of vehicles and armoured vehicles have been destroyed.

High-precision airborne missiles have struck a temporary deployment point of howitzer battery of the 95th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade of the AFU in Dzerzhinsk, Donetsk People’s Republic, and destroyed up to 70 servicemen, 3 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery mounts and 4 pieces of automotive equipment.

Russian Aerospace Forces strikes on a temporary deployment point of the 3rd Brigade of the National Guard have eliminated over 100 nationalists on the territory of TPP-3 and Karpovskyi Garden in Kharkov city.

Due to high losses, Zelensky’s regime is taking measures to make up for incomplete personnel of Ukrainian formations in the area of combat operations in Donbass.

For example, a decision has been taken to send the mobilised citizens who started their training at the training centre of the 72nd Mechanised Brigade in Belaya Tserkov, Kiev Region, to the front line ahead of schedule. The wounded are also sent along with them, without waiting for them to complete their full rehabilitation course after their wounds.

Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery strikes continue against military facilities in Ukraine.

3 command posts have b hit, including of the 66th Mechanized Brigade’s Battalion near Ochertino, and of the 109th Territorial Defence Brigade’s Battalion near Berestka in Donetsk People’s Republic, as well as 173 areas AFU manpower and military equipment concentration.

1 Buk-M1 missile launcher near Chasov Yar, Donetsk People’s Republic, and 5 ammunition depots, including 1 ammunition depot equipped in one of the workshops of the Svyato-Il’inskyi Machine-Building Plant near Dachnoye, Donetsk People’s Republic, have been destroyed.

1 arsenal, where 45,000 tonnes of ammunition recently supplied to AFU by NATO countries has been destroyed near Voznesensk, Nikolaev Region.

4 platoons of Grad MLRS, 2 platoons of Msta-B guns, and 1 platoon of Giatsint-B guns at firing positions have been suppressed as part of the counterbattery warfare near Dzerzhinsk, Sukhaya Balka, Lastochkino and Krasnogorovka in Donetsk People’s Republic .

Russian air defence means have shot down 8 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles near Krasnoye, Chervonyi Yar, Dibrovnoye, Petropavlovka in Kharkov Region, Staromikhailovka, Rovnoye, Malinovka in Donetsk People’s Republic and Donetsk city.

1 shell of multiple rocket launcher has also been intercepted near Kamenka, Kharkov Region.

A total of 263 aircraft, 145 helicopters, 1,701 unmanned aerial vehicles, 362 surface-to-air missiles, 4,262 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 789 multiple rocket launchers, 3,273 pieces of field artillery and mortars, and 4,756 special military vehicles have been destroyed since the start of the special military operation.





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