Russian Defence Ministry

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry on 11 September

The Russian Aerospace Forces, missile forces and artillery are launching precision strikes on AFU units and reserves in the Kharkov region.

The strikes has resulted in the elimination of the military personnel and military equipment of the units of the 14th and 92nd Mechanized Brigades of the AFU in the areas of Staroverovka, Chuguev and Volosskaya Balakleya, the 113th Territorial Defense Brigade in Novaya Vodolaga, as well as the deployment point of foreign mercenaries near Klugino-Bashkirovka.  

Enemy losses were over 200 servicemen and more than 20 military equipment.

In addition, during the day, concentrated fire strikes destroyed Armed Forces of Ukraine units in the areas of Pristin , Boldyrevka, Sinikha, Beloye, Komarovka, Gorokhovatka, Kupyansk, Senkovo and Podvysokoye of Kharkov region.

More than 250 Ukrainian servicemen, 12 units of armored vehicles, three field artillery guns, one multiple-launch rocket system and 17 motor vehicles were destroyed.

On the Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog direction, high-precision missile strikes by the Russian Air Force destroyed a temporary deployment point of units of the 36th Brigade of the AFU Marine Corps near Nikolayev. More than 100 servicemen and 15 units of motor and armored vehicles of the enemy were lost.

In total, from September 6 to 10, the Kiev regime losses were more than four thousand dead and more than eight thousand wounded in these two areas alone.

Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery continue launching attacks at the military facilities in Ukraine.

Iskander high-precision ground-based missiles struck manpower and military equipment of the 28th AFU Motorized Infantry Brigade during unloading at the railway station of Krasnoarmeysk in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

In the area of Mirolubovka, Kherson region, the strikes of the Russian Space Forces has resulted in elimination of over 50 servicemen and 7 pieces of military equipment of the 60th Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Eight command posts of the AFU, including the headquarters of the 93rd and 24th Mechanized Brigades in the areas of Artyomovsk and Raigorodok of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the command posts of Battalions of the 1st Tank, 59th Motorized Infantry Brigades, 60th Infantry Brigade and the 35th Marine Brigade in the districts of Kalinovskoe, Maryanskoe of Dnepropetrovsk Region, Kaluga of Nikolayev Region and Belaya Krinitsa of Kherson Region, as well as 43 artillery units, enemy manpower and military equipment in 103 areas were destroyed.

Munition depots at Nikolaevka in the Donetsk People’s Republic and Voznesensk in the Nikolayev region were destroyed.

A radio detection and ranging station in Staraya Bogdanovka, Nikolayev region, was destroyed.

Russian air defence forces shot down an Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force near Ugledar in the Donetsk People’s Republic.  

Four unmanned aerial vehicles were also shot down in the air of Tomina Balka (Kherson region), Snigiryovka (Nikolayev region) and Kirillovka (Donetsk region).

Two Tochka-U ballistic missiles and two American HARM anti-radiation missiles were shot down in the air near the village of Udy, Kharkov region.

In the area of Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region, 12 shells of the US-made HIMARS multiple rocket-launch systems and nine shells of the Olkha rocket system were intercepted.

In total, 293 aircraft and 153 helicopters, 1,933 unmanned aerial vehicles, 374 anti defence missile systems, 4,883 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 831 combat vehicles equipped with MRLS, 3,378 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 5,469 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the special military operation.

In order to destabilize the situation in the territory liberated by the Russian Armed Forces and the suffering of civilians, the Kiev regime continues its deliberate shelling of energy infrastructure: generating facilities, transformer substations, and power lines.

Since September 1 this year, the territory of the Zaporozhye NPP and the city of Energodar have been subjected to artillery fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces 26 times, including the territory of the nuclear plant.

At the same time, as a result of aimed fire on the transformer substation on September 6 and the power line on September 8, the city of Energodar was twice remained without electricity.

In the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Ukrainian artillery repeatedly struck 22 important power supply facilities in order to de-energize populated areas, kindergartens, life support facilities for the population, and industrial enterprises.

On September 1, three mines of the Donetsk Coal Energy Company, where dozens of miners were trapped underground, were de-energized as a result of the strike.

Yesterday, September 10, 19 transformer substations in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk were de-energized due to shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. More than 1,600 civilian objects remained without electricity as a result of the shelling.

It’s important to say that the daily strikes against civilian infrastructure are carried out by the Kiev regime in a deliberate and targeted manner.





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