The Blackberry 10-L series all-touchscreen phone snapped out once again, showing of its homescreen on a leaked video, 2 days back. The original source is still unknown but it looks to be from the same source as the previous images were shown off.

What we could gather from the screenshot was that this particular device has many similarities but also has more apps loaded onto it. We could also see a Battery, a SIM- card and an all-touch interface action.The battery is an LS1 1800mAh meaning this device is more than likely near-complete and ready for prime-time action and the software is looking quite square.

Inside we could also see a standard set of apps right on the home screen including Music, Videos, Maps, App World, Text Messaging, BBM, Calendar, Browser, and Contacts.

The picture also shows DocsToGo and Facebook, meaning you’ll be able to edit documents while you’re thinking about heading to the social network.

Of course Facebook is a surprising addition to the previously “confirmed” set of apps for the next generation BlackBerry 10 operating system for RIM, more because Facebook’s current state of affairs on Android is not that fab.

But anyways, All that said was nothing in this image is final so take for what it is. An updated image of an unfinished device running an unknown version of an unreleased OS.

Let’s wait and watch out for the Blackberry 10-L Series Smartphone.






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