BlackBerry 10 beta 3 released, shows revamped UI

At a special event a couple of days back, RIM unveiled the BlackBerry 10 beta 3 running on the company’s new test device, the Dev Alpha B.

The UI look and feel of this latest BlackBerry 10 build is what RIM will be putting on its final BB10 devices in early 2013. And according to those, who’ve tried it, it really did leave people with a huge gape on their faces after using the device.

Let us take a look at the gadget…

The first homescreen isn’t really a homescreen in the sense that it holds widgets and app shortcuts. Rather, it houses the so called “Active Frames”. You can have up to 8 of them and they represent currently running applications. Only four fit on one screen, so to view the other four, you’d have to scroll down.

RIM has done good job of putting in gestures in its OS.For instance, you can jump straight to the homescreen from any app by swiping from the bottom up. Making the opposite swipe (top down) brings up the settings menu or another menu, depending on the app you are using.

Another interesting feature is the new BlackBerry Hub — RIM’s unified messaging service. It integrates all your email accounts, messages from social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and puts them all together in one place.

While BlackBerry 10 has been kept very well under wraps to date, the videos and photos below provide a much better feel for what we can expect of BlackBerry 10 when it hits the market early next year.






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