BJP’s deceptive approach and ST/SC reservation in Karnataka

In order to continue holding power in Karnataka, the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has been committed to playing deceptive tricks instead of working to fix its actual problems in the state such as fixing its roads. BJP, like other former political parties, by relying on an old and widely exposed trick called “reservation” to attract voters.

This week, I came across a strange article that noted: “Vedic philosophy bred social inequality, caste system, says Justice H N Nagamohan Das Commission“. The article details some parts of the report behind the recent SC/ST reservation increase in Karnataka.

The lines of the report emerged straight out of typical propaganda of typical caste warriors. The report falsely claimed that Vedic and later times were responsible for caste, despite its a proven fact that castes existed in the Indian subcontinent from the times of Indus Valley civilization, some 5500 years ago.

The report also falsely “claimed that people belonging to the Dravidian race resided in North India” in order to fit Karnataka in the frame when not a single Dravidian inscription has been discovered in North India and all related theories have been rejected by mainstream scholarship.

Regardless of all these facts, “the BJP government formally accepted” the report. Apparently, none of these actions seemed “anti-Hindu” to the self-proclaimed “Hindu nationalist” Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) which claims to uphold Hindu values and Indian culture.

Ex-HC judge is ‘anti-Hindu, anti-national’: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti“.

Kudos to Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. Its spokesman Mohan Gowda provides some debunkings of the commission report for obvious reasons. The outlet may have entirely ignored this opposition if it was little bit more detailed. After all, mainstream media ignores any kind of befitting response.

Varna system is division of labourers, not just labour: Justice HN Nagamohan Das Commission.

Now today through the above link, we are hearing that the report was “quoting Ambedkar’s writings and speeches”, which confirms my initial assumption that “typical propaganda of caste warriors”.

Who will quote B.R. Ambedkar today? A person with a scholarly mindset surely won’t. Ambedkar relied on mistranslated texts and propounded a number of theories that had been already outdated by the time he was making those statements. Suvira Jaiswal, and Romila Thapar, are among those scholars who have provided a more updated view on the subject of caste.

To claim that the caste system wasn’t intentionally entertained by the masses, or the rulers of India especially the Mughal Empire, British Empire and also post-1947 India in order to strengthen their power, is absolutely deceptive.

But the ruling BJP does not care about these facts. They are more attracted to increasing SC/ST reservations in order to retain power in Karnataka.

All of this apparently contradicts the recent claim of BJP leader and Indian PM Narendra Modi that he wants to frown upon “appeasement”.

Either we term this entire event to be incompetence of the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) or the deception of the commission, but this is really not going to end well because these dirty politics affects not only a large number of people’s future but also the future of the country which is being compromised for the sake of votes.


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