April fool from Google with Gmail Motion

The big Google got into prank on Friday with the release of new product named as Gmail Motion that let users to send and receive their emails using their gestures. Gmail Product manager in a video explains that Why do we still use outdated technology? you can now control Gmail with your body gestures. He explains

“Using your computer’s camera and a spacial tracking algorithm, Gmail Motion interprets physical movement and turns it into actionable commands, The movements are designed to be intuitive, ergonomic and easy to do. Gmail Motion will free the regular user from the constraints that modern society and our interfaces with our machines have put on the human body”

If you log in to your Gmail account, you will see New Gmail Motion Beta written at the top of your account. When you click on that you will come up with the video that explains how Gmail Motion works. After viewing the video, when you click on Try Gmail Motion. You will be redirected to a page that says April Fools. . . I even got fooled. Did you?







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