Apple to unveil iCloud service at Apple conference Monday

Steve Jobs will take a break from medical leave to help introduce Apple’s new iCloud service at a major industry conference next week. The Apple chief executive and pancreatic cancer survivor has emerged just once since going on leave in January, to unveil the iPad 2 in March.
But on Monday at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Jobs will deliver the keynote address. There he will show off the iCloud system, which Apple is currently coyly referring to as just an “upcoming cloud services offering.”
Blogosphere pundits are guessing that iCloud will allow users to keep their music on a remote server, making it accessible from a variety of devices. Apple has kept busy recently setting up licensing agreements with the likes of EMI Music, Sony Music and Warner Music.
At the conference, Jobs is also expected to raise the curtain on the newest versions of desktop Mac software Lion and mobile operating system iOS 5, used in the iPhone, iPod and iPad.







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