Apple Stores in Target Retail Establishments

If you are looking for a place to purchase an Apple device, you typically have to count on going to an Apple store. May 19th, 2001 was the first time that this type of store appeared in the United States. These stores were started in Virginia. This was a different way of doing business as it was also the first time that a company showed their own products in their own store. Prior to this date, you could find their products in either electronic stores or in the big box computer stores.

At the time that they entered into the retail business, a lot of people were questioning this move and the decision that the company had made. They however had to come up with a way to combat the poor marketing of their products as well as the fact that they were losing their share in the computer industry. What they felt was that if they were to open their own store, then they would have complete control over how they would handle their products when it came to marketing them.
So what Apple has done in the way of stores is rather interesting. There are 361 retail stores. These stores bring in around $4032 per square foot which is extremely successful. To put this in perspective, stores like Best Buy usually bring in around $900 per square foot. Apple also have official resellers that try to mimic the Apple experience. There are also some stores that have a mini Apple store inside of a big store. Best Buy is an example of a store that does this as they has some smaller Apple stores set up inside of their stores.
Target has just announced that they are going to go the mini Apple store route. They are going to put an apple mini store in 25 of their retail stores. Now many of us have seen the McDonalds that appear in some of the Wal-Marts. This is not what Apple is going to be doing. It will actually give Apple products an extended area on the floor while still showing that you are in a Target store. Thought that has been announced, at this time the location and the time frame of when this would actually start has not yet been released.






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