Apple iPhone 5 to have Larger Screen?

iPhone 4 is successful in the market and iPhone is enjoying its fandom. It engages wider audiences but people are waiting for iPhone 5.Some information that has been leaked by next-gen mobile phone but it is still in its rumor stage.

As it is known by most of us that one of the drawbacks of iPhone is its small view screen. It has been 3.5 for its several versions; the iPhone has lagged many cell phones like HTC , Samsung  Galaxy series which is full inch larger along the diagonal. Where iPhone’s reported 4-inch screen does not quite measure equally, it is a good step of iPhone that is over 3.5 inch screen and going to be produced by LG (Korea) which is a manufacturing partner of Apple.

It is in information that iPhone 5 is reported to be 8mm larger than the iPhone’s handset that is to accommodate the larger. Apple is already dealing with the battery life issues; according to us iPhone is power hungry just like Galaxy series of Samsung. May be Apple may fix the problem for its fans by giving it an average battery life that is requires by the Apple users. After the arrival of Apple 4S. May Apple overcome its deficiencies to make its fan bank better.




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