Apple beating Google and RIM in mobile loyalty

A study by GFK firm showed that Apple is far ahead its competitors when it comes to building its brand loyalty among its users in mobile market where rival popular brands are trying hard to get a foothold as well. Round 84% of iPhone users have been reported to stick with same brand even if replacing their phones. While 60% users who use are with Android technology are likely to stick with their phones using the same software.

Other than this, only 48% said that they’ll remain with their Blackberry’s according to research firm IDC, before Apple came out with its first iPhone in year 2007, sales of smart phones were growing and with introduction of iPhone, although the growth slowed still sales rose 49% last quarter from a year ago. 
Garner an analyst at GFK said that growth of software like Android and new Microsoft Windows, similar for all PCs phones etc show that opportunities are still there to catch up. Apple clearly strikes the competition but future developments could bring a challenge for the company says Garner.
As the study reports, more than 70% of consumers said they would remain with their phones because of its features access to content etc. The research sample used to conduct interviews include arond 45000 people from different countries such as people in Britain, US, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, China, Brazil and Spain.






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