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An observation by a Belarusian on Russia-Ukraine conflict

A Belarusian shared a detailed message with us regarding the current situation in the Russia-Ukraine conflict:

“I’ll say a few more words and move on to the news. My last post, written yesterday, ended with the words that we should all pray for Russia. What I want to say in continuation of this. Yes, Russia is not an angel. Yes, Russia ensures its geostrategic security very tightly. Including military methods. The West is talking about “an unprovoked attack on an independent country.” It’s a lie. Ukraine has never been an independent state. And now it is under the full control of the United States and the West in general. As for the “unprovoked attack,” you all remember the demands for security guarantees that Russia presented to the US and NATO last year. What did they say to Russia? They called these demands an ultimatum and said that Russia must first win the war before issuing an ultimatum. Well, war. Further, Russia is accused of civilian casualties. But firstly, the West itself provoked this war. Secondly, a war of this magnitude cannot do without casualties, this is understandable. And supporters of Russia, on the contrary, talk about its softness, which everyone perceives as weakness. And the West at the same time heaps mountains of its weapons into Ukraine. This is to ensure that these same victims were more. Because it has no other meaning. Because Russia will win this war anyway. Will win sooner or later, with more or fewer victims. The victory of the West and the defeat of Russia in this war are impossible. Putin is not Gorbachev, who quietly and peacefully destroyed the Soviet Union. The destruction of Russia will not pass quietly. The war in Ukraine demonstrates this. The victory of Russia is needed by the whole world. For peace.”






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