Revealed at a press event earlier this month, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD goes officially for sale yesterday.The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is Amazon’s follow-up to the Kindle Fire released last year, and this time around, the Seattle company has made big improvements and is competing for the top spot in the lower-end tablet market.

The new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch is a tablet with an impressive resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels and an IPS LCD screen. It packs a 1.2GHz processor that Amazon brags outperforms the Tegra 3. It’s also got a longer-lasting battery that lets the new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD stay powered for 11 hours of continuous use.

It also includes a 1.3 MP HD Front Facing Camera for video calling and 16GB of storage.Amazon is also shipping a 32GB version on October 25th.

The Kindle Fire HD has also been outfitted with two new features that help it stand out—

Amazon has packaged it with two Wi-Fi antennas, which the company claims lets the Kindle Fire HD download and stream content 40% faster than the third-generation iPad, and it did perform admirably (one quick note though: the Kindle Fire HD cannot connect to 3G or cellular networks, so you can use only Wi-Fi).

The new Kindle Fire HD also has one feature that everyone would love to see on all tablets, which is stereo speakers on either end.

The Kindle Fire HD runs on a highly-modified version of the Android operating system that Amazon customized, but it’s been updated to run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It has 1024 MB of RAM and built in storage of 12.6 GB.

In our review of the 16GB version, we concluded that the Kindle Fire HD 7 is a “really good tablet for doing some very specific things.”

It’s more like a shop window onto the world’s biggest content department store. The new 7-inch model offers up a well-designed interface that provides an easy way to consume Amazon’s huge library of content and services and to buy, buy, buy. That makes the Kindle Fire HD (KFHD) highly entertaining, and potentially the best purchase for tablet shoppers who value ease of use over all else.

The price of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is set at the low $199.






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