The AirPlay App

Ever since I can remember there has been a huge debate between Window users and Mac Users. Each side is constantly discussing which is the better operating system and constantly listing the pros and the cons of each side.

Windows does seem to win the battle as to which one is used more. The Apple/Mac users continue to display the strengths that there system offers. One of these features is known as AirPlay. This feature lets the users play music wirelessly to assign speakers. Combine this with Shairport4w and Windows users can now stream their music. The exciting part is that they can stream this music from their iPhone, iPad or their iPod Touch over a Wi-Fi connection.
This is a free app and in less than a minute your Windows PC can become an AirPlay receiver by following the specific setup process. In order for this to work, you must have Apple’s Bonjour service working. You also must have iTunes installed.
Here is how you will need to set this up.
First step: Download Shairport4w from sourceforge.
Second step: Extract the app from the .zip file to the folder that you want to run it from.
Third step: Run the app.
Fourth step: Decide on a user name and password for Airport and then click the Set button. Once you have done that, minimize it and let it run in the background. You will only open it if you want to change the user name or password.

Fifth Step: Launch iTunes on any computer and your idevice that is connected to the same wireless network. You should be able to see the name that you set in Shairport4w in the AirPlay menu. Select that name and you are ready to go. So go ahead and get this app as after all, it is free.






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