About contact lenses

There are people who say that contact lens cause infection to eyes and instead we use spectacles. Well, it is just a myth. You can use contact lenses anytime, anywhere, anyplace. I’ve been using contact lenses for three years and you know what? My eyes are perfect. Lens never caused irritation or infection to my eyes. Let’s get into some details
There are three types of contact lens

1. Daily wear
2. Extended wear
3. Continuous wear

1. Daily wear
Daily wear are lens that must be cleaned and rinsed every day, you must remove your lens within 15-20 hours or they will start to create disturbance.

2. Extended Wear
Extended wear are lens that one can use for a week. Means you don’t have to dispose your lens daily as we do in daily wear contact lenses.

3. Continuous Wear
Now a days continuous wear contact lens are available that can be used for a whole month. But most of the eye doctors don’t recommend these type of lenses. Extended wear are more suitable than any other.

So I recommend you go for extended wear and you’ll never have any type of problem using contact lens as long as you handle them with care.






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