2D or 3D Printing app by Sculpteo

There are two types of printing. What we are used to is 2D printing. A new rage to hit the printing scene is what is known as 3D printing. It has made a hit in designer shops and it actually offers a lot of advantages over the more traditional methods of production. This is especially true for concept modeling. This type of printing program has now come to the iPhone.
A company from France called Sculpteo has created this iOS app. With this app, you can select an object that you would like to print. You can then make quick projects like mugs, vases, iPhone case, etc. Once you have created the model, your project goes to Sculpteo, the French company. Once they receive it, they will print it for you. It will cost you about $30 – $40 to have your object printed in 3D.
Now you might find along the way that you might want to make some changes or modifications as you are working on the project. That is possible and is to be expected. It is important to remember that not all objects that are virtually-created can be created the same way in the real world. It is definitely something that could be fun to play with and actually test drive the whole idea.
So definitely, printing has come a long way. If you are into designing or would like to make some of your own projects, then you should definitely look into this app. Have some fun or get real serious about your printing projects. This is one app that you will want to check out to see really what neat objects that you can create. So why not give it a try and see what you can create and then print either in 2B or 3D. 






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