2012 most anticipated Technology marvel – the I phone 5

The most anticipated technology news this year has got to be the upcoming release of Apples I phone 5. The buzz within the industry suggests that the smart phone is slated to hit the market any time from mid this year. The release is of course being accompanied by the usual drama when a product of this magnitude announces its arrival. Who can forget the case of the Apple employee who lost his I phone 5 prototype at some bar some time last year. Not to mention the incessant buzz from the grapevine on features of this device.

That aside however , the question on the minds of many tech junkies is this: Just what can we expect from the I phone 5? From industry insiders, the common consensus reads something like this:

4 G mobile broadband It is a foregone conclusion that the I phone 5 will support 4 G mobile telephony connection. This is by virtue of the fact that the broad band spectrum is operational in North America , plus the fact that 4G technology was brought to an Apple device following the launch of Apples I pad. The mobile handset is expected to follow suit.

Larger screen(?): This is an issue that has been widely speculated upon. Quiet recently respectable publication have been quoted authoritatively commenting on a much larger screen( 4 inches larger) compared to the I phone 4. The reason for a larger screen have been attributed to the need to support Apples tablet PC market. The other reason that is bandied about is to improve on the resolution. Apples CEO recently made comments that seem to throw the larger screen debate into further confusion – there will be no increase in screen size – seemed to be his take on the issue. Only time will settle this issue.

CPU : The processor of the I phone 5 is expected to be of the Quad core variety. It (processor) has been described as a slightly tweaked A5X processor. The processor that is manufactured by Samsung is expected to have a RAM of 1GB. These are but some of the features that you should possibly anticipating from the new I phone 5.



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