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  • 5 Best Android Apps in 2011

    There are thousands of Android Apps in the Android Market to explore. I did some research in the Android Market and found these 5 Apps that you can consider to use. I probably have missed your favorites but anyways, here are 5 Best Android Apps in 2011 Draw and share Dophin HD App 2 sd Astro file […]

  • Stupid Zombies – Top Android app for 2011

    So here is another fantastic and completely addictive Android game you can enjoy when you are bored. Take out Zombies with lots of weapons like shotgun, grenade and much more to survive 360 full of fun and exciting levels. This app is not official top app of 2011 but it is the best game to enjoy till yet […]

  • Create ringtones on your Android with Ringdroid app

    I was exploring Android Market and found a handy app that lets you create ringtones on your Android named as Ringdroid. By using this app, you can  create ringtones from your music library or even record new ones. With Ringdroid Android app, create your own ringtone, alarm, or notification sound from an existing audio file, or record a new […]

  • Draw and share – Android App

    Draw and Share is a drawing Android app by which you can paint using your fingers.  Alongside painting with your fingers, you can also insert clip-arts, type a text and doodle on photos saved on your SD card. Moreover, there are many tools available to make your drawings look cool and hot. This app requires […]